Tuesday, 7 May 2013


Yeah! I have a blog!!

I have always admired those who blog and share their expertise to many. Honestly, writing scares me. I would write and rewrite the same sentence over and over again. In fact, I have just spent 40 minutes writing the last 2 sentences.

Sad, uh :(

Let me take the first step here to overcome my 'writing' fears.

Many years ago, baking was something I rarely indulge in. Firstly, there was no one to share with and secondly, I rather spend my time reading. All this changed when I became a mother to 2 precious girls. They are bubbly, cheeky, mischievous, and adorable. They make me cry, laugh, scream and they also make me bake for them.

I have baked their birthday cakes every year with different themes.

Dora the explorer; Diego and Boots ; Circus clowns; Butterflies.

We also baked cupcakes, muffin, brownies and cookies. The girls' excitement with the outcome of each baking session motivated me to bake weekly; googling and trying out different recipes.

Who wouldn't be motivated? Especially, when your kids honour you with sentences like:

"This is the best cake ...ever!"

"You make the best chocolate chip cookie"

"You are the best mom" .. said with mouthful of cakes :))

With encouragement from my lovely girls and my wonderful husband, I venture into the homemade baking business. Wish me well as I take this step.

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