Thursday, 19 September 2013

Rainbow Cake

Our daughters' friend walked up to me and requested for a rainbow cake for her 11th birthday. She discussed what she wanted and also ordered a set of vanilla cupcakes. It was really interesting as she was confident and knows what SHE wants for her party. The cupcakes are to be with white frosting with red "HAPPY BIRTHDAY", a letter in each cupcake.
Well! Here are the result.
It is a rainbow cake,filled with cream cheese frosting and topped with fluffy buttercream.

Resting while waiting for the assembly

The original cake.

The customer was concern about the pale wording on the cake, so had to change the color and add a flower.

Final Cake, after a few changes


Vanilla cupcakes packed and ready to go.

We arranged the cupcakes around the cakes at the party.

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