Thursday, 10 October 2013

Cakes! Cupcakes!

Hi everyone,

The past weeks have been exciting and busy.
There has been a lot of baking and experimenting going on.  More time spent in the kitchen but my girls ( and their friends) were not complaining either as they get to taste all my "experiments".
Feast your eyes on some of our recent bakes.

Our appreciation and gratitude to all those who continue to support our small home bakery.

3kg Vanilla Cake with Buttercream frosting/ Princess Edible image
Rich Chocolate Cake with Minnie FBCT 

Rich Chocolate Ombre Rose Cake (Filled with cream cheese frosting/ topped with buttercream)
Diabetic-Friendly Eggless Sugee Cake

Chocolate Cupcakes with mini M&M's

Some of our experiments with fondant..

Thank you again to all those who ordered.
And to the others, you have to try our bakes .......

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