Sunday, 16 March 2014

Unique Car Cake.

Recently, I did a car cake. It is not the typical 3d car cake design that you find in the net. 

This Mitshubishi EVO car cake design was from the customer. He had a very detailed picture of this cake.

It was a challenge as it was a large fondant cake, about 5.5 kg without the frosting and deco.   

Chocolate Ganached after sculpting to fit the design 

 I was nervous as I wanted the cake to be as his request. 

Many hours of research was spent on the correct dimension of the car, on the tail lights, colour and more. 

Decoration in progress

After many nail-biting moments, the final cake met my QC team's (Hubby and children) approval. My children are very honest and not afraid to point out any dissatisfaction loudly. 

With all the detail decorations.
Birthday boy was happy with the car and said the cake was as what he wanted. Phew!!!

Final result. The cake before delivery.

 I had fun with this special cake for Vimal's 21st birthday. 

Thank you, Vimal, for trusting us with your special cake.
Happy 21st Birthday!

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