Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Princess cupcakes

Ask any little girl for her favorite color? PINK!
What do you like? PRINCESS! 

Parents with girls can relate to this, I am sure!

 Recently, we had a request for cupcakes for a 4 year old lovely girl's birthday. So I knew it had to be "princessy" with Pink. 

Google came up with the idea of using the frosting as the princess skirts. I am not sure who actually came up with the idea, but whoever you are, Thank you for the brilliant idea. Pooja and Isha helped me to choose the princess.

I decided to create different skirt patterns for different princess and it turn out great. I got the approval seal from my girls :) I love the end results as it was colorful, cheerful and yummy!!

Thank you, Shanty. 

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