Sunday, 8 June 2014

Buttercream Cakes!

It is already June and my last post was in April? Hmmmm...I have to update my blog more. As I mentioned in my initial post,  I am not very good in writing. 

Well! Here are some of our recent buttercream cakes.

Super Dad Vanilla cake for a Fathers' day celebration in school

A simple Mother's Day cake with buttercream flowers.

Simple Buttercream Cake for a special lady

Orange cake with buttercream filling and frosting for a group of awesome moms. Really had fun doing this cake.

View from front.

Top view

Another side view with different flowers

A last minute order for a vegetarian red velvet cake with buttercream filling and frosting.

Bue and white theme

A red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting  for March Babies in Shell

Eggless Butter cake with heirloom frosting for a lovely grandmother

A simple ombre design

More photos on the way...

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